Pet Pride Publishers has honored Blake's Chin by photographing many of them for their yearly published Japanese Chin Breed Calendars.  Here are some examples of the calendar photos with the name of each Blake Chin included. 

Click on each picture to view the full size image.
Ch Blake's Private Placement,
Ch Blake's Savanity Fair
CH Blake's Amai de Mistalai,
CH Kylin-Blake's The Show Off
CH Blake's Sterling Promise,
CH Blake's Porcelain Dream
CH Blake's Porcelain Dream,
CH Hatsukoi's Minuet at Blakes
CH Gayel's Little Voice,
Ch Blake's Private Assett
Blake's Private Dividend
Ch Blake's Private Placement
CH Blake's Prophet Maker
CH Blakes Oreo Cookie Chinsation,
CH Jaros Hakuba of Blake
Ch Blake's Oreo Cookie Chinsation
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