CH Blake's Porcelain Bisque R.O.M., D.O.D. "Bisquet"
Ch. Jaro-Georges' Pocket Rocket

Ch. Elmac's Tora Tora de Mistalai, R.O.M. BISS Ch. Elmac's Shogun de Mistalai, R.O.M.

Ch. Elmac's Chi Chi de Mistalai, R.O.M.

Ch. Jaro's Sunami of Elmac Ch. Cross' Kairyu, R.O.M.
 Ch. Elmac's Takara de Mistalai, R.O.M.
Chia Louise Sheenie

Zooland Shennie Ch. Aver-Har's Little Mogwai Chin, R.O.M./S.D.
Jeskit Michelle Leigh
Fay Rae Sue Huang Kung Charo Wan Wan
Doty's Micki-Mai of R's
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